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    Default Ronon Dex Pistol

    Hi all! I wanted to gauge the interest in a 3D printed Ronon Dex pistol that we created for a cosplay event last week. We took special care to get the measurements right, and we were surprised at how big it was! The matte finish was added during post production, but we wanted that more realistic look. Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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    Pretty cool, but it does seem to be missing some details. Just look at this:'s_Pistol

    Though yes, it's a big ass gun and i love it. The Stargate production team really delivered on this one.

    Also i don't really know what level of detail you're going for. For a first try i'd say it's very well done.

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    Default Re: Ronon Dex Pistol

    I think it would be nice to have a more screen-accurate version, so that link really does help. I'll have to update the CAD file and add some of those details. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Ronon Dex Pistol

    Please, keep us updated. This looks pretty awesome.

    Any weathering details can be added later, or extra details.
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