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    Default Re: Upon the March We Fittest Die (313)

    Quote Originally Posted by jelgate View Post
    That's kind of short sighted. Lets see the reason before we dismiss it as being weak
    Think about it. All of the ships in orbit and all their connections below earth suface were destroyed. The only functional ship remaining is the Omec one which is so slow. Unless Nolan and Yewll find another ship where they are, It's gonna be stupid IMO. It makes no sense that there are ships remaining on earth.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skydiver View Post
    And actually, they could turn it into a ship based show with the cast quite easily. (presuming of course that the space based shows rumor has any basis in fact)

    Yewell magically gets the Omoc ship back to earth, to find it a mess. Thanks to the recent issues, Defiance is struggling to the point of falling. No stasis net plus the VC being mad at them has the town breaking up and people leaving.

    They find the people they find (aka actors that sign back up plus ones added to take their place) and they all say frak earth and the VC, let's go and live somewhere else.

    They have a ship with plenty of room, they have stasis pods (which can be conveniently empty after Nolan and Yewell drop the Omoc off on their new planet) and presto, chango, bye bye earth, hello ship based show and we get a big honkin reboot - probably just in time for skiffy to cancel it in its Fatal Fifth season. (Unless it's their 'reality' junk, skiffy cancels about every scripted show after 5 seasons)
    If they do this, Amanda wouldn't leave Defiance no matter what, but the rest could, but then the name of the show would make no sense... unless they name the ship they take Defiance.
    Or maybe the whole town is a ship... who knows. Anything but saying a ship was buried below earth surface or one cloaked in orbit.

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    Default Re: Upon the March We Fittest Die (313)

    That's why you are being short sighted. Using that logic at the end of S2 any way to free Nolan and Irrisia would be stupid. I say lets see what new idea is introduced before labeling it stupid. Especially since this is science fiction
    Quote Originally Posted by aretood2 View Post
    Jelgate is right

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    Default Re: Upon the March We Fittest Die (313)

    The band "Young, Beautiful, In A Hurry" have a petition for season 4. They did a lot of the music of the past 3 seasons... Bear McReary who did the main themes for this show is the father of the band's lead..

    Anyway they did a petition.

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