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    Post Where the Apples Fell (306)

    Visit the Episode GuideDEFIANCE - SEASON THREE
    Nolan leads a town-wide search for two traitors after their connection to Rahm Tak and the Votanis Collective is exposed. As General Tak prepares to attack Defiance, he receives a personal visit from his wife.

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    Default Re: Where the Apples Fell (306)

    Nice to see Alak home and taking part instead of being the whiny kid. Stahma and Datak are on the run/in trouble and we get a bit o kink from Omak and his kid (Guess if you are the only two alive little things like incest don't matter)

    This new 'openly aggressive' Stahma is rather refreshing. I think a lot of people have overlooked her for a very long time. It's almost like Red's bloodthirstyness has been transferred to Stahma.

    And they have certainly made an enemy, or at least not a loyal friend, in the doc. there is a lotta bridge burnin going on

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    Default Re: Where the Apples Fell (306)

    Yes good to see ALAK get some backbone.
    And Omak and his daughter-ewwww-but gotta keep the species alive?

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    Default Re: Where the Apples Fell (306)

    I also really liked Alak during this episode. Overall, I've liked him a lot more this season than I have in the previous seasons. I really liked the part where Datak was in jail, and that Datak led Nolan and everyone after him so that Stahma could get away. I really like their messed up relationship. Also loved the more openly aggressive Stahma.

    The incest is eww, but it seems that doing it with family is ok in their culture, and they've probably only had each other for a long time.

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    Default Re: Where the Apples Fell (306)

    Ok, I had an inkling after the first two episodes, but Defiance seems like it's definitely taking it's cues from Game of Thrones now.
    "First Weir, then Samantha Carter, and now, you! It's a pity you humans die or get reassigned so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now!"

    *You got the touch! You got the poweeeeer!*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite-Possibilities View Post
    Ok, I had an inkling after the first two episodes, but Defiance seems like it's definitely taking it's cues from Game of Thrones now.
    Yep. But I think it's working so far. Defiance's third season is thus far very good (minus the VFX, as usual).

    Let's just say Rahm Tak's storyline delivered some surprises, also explaining why he may have trouble attacking Defiance. (When you're rogue you typically have limited resources.)
    And I definitely concur with Alak's (actor) praise (if only Sansa managed to grow a bit more in this way).

    And the incest, didn't they mention it was typical for Omecs and that T'evgin was like a 'prime' father to the girl? I kinda gathered from that that he may not necessarily be a biological father and even if, it'd be his role to teach a daugher reproductive strategies. What I mean to say: I'm definitely not shocked or judging that in any way. I'm very much intrigued and wanting to get to know more about Omec habits.

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