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    Default I Met Gigi Edgley

    I went to a toy show in San Jose, CA today, and she happened to be there as a guest.

    I just could not pass up the opportunity to meet her and get her autograph:

    She misspelled my name slightly, but that's okay. She was a nice person.

    Next time I watch the show, I suspect it will be a new experience now that I personally know someone on the other side of the screen.

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    Default Re: I Met Gigi Edgley

    What fun!!

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    Default Re: I Met Gigi Edgley

    That is awesome! I wished I live somewhere where I could actually meet the actors and actresses I like.
    But no...

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    Default Re: I Met Gigi Edgley

    That's so awesome.

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    Default Re: I Met Gigi Edgley

    I know it's been a while, but good for you.

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