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    Visit the Episode GuideGOTHAM - SEASON ONE
    After a series of bold bank robberies Gordon and Bullock chase the "Red Hood gang." Fish negotiates her new position with her captor, and young Bruce Wayne welcomes an old friend of Alfred's into the house.

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    Eww at drunk/drugged-up Barbara, telling a 14/15 yr old that she should use her looks to her advantage and trying to get her to put on a slinky looking little dress. She kind of reminded me of a sleazy pimp. Which would be fine if the show's trying to turn the character into some kind of Madame that whores out teenage girls, but not if they're going to put her back with Gordon. Maybe Selina's comment to her about how using her looks to her advantage hasn't done her much good, will be a wake-up call.

    Fish is kind of crazy. I really like her lol, but I'll probably never look at a spoon the same way again.

    The scene with the suspect line up at the police dept. was pretty funny.

    I forgot to mention that I really liked the parts with Bruce, Alfred and Alfred's old "friend".
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    I think they are turning Barbara into a villain from one of the animated movies. I really liked the episode even the creepy Barbara stuff. The Fish stuff was kind of dumb. There really is no reason for the bad guys not to just kill her and the other people. The guy even said that would be a minor lost.

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    I wouldn't mind the way Barbara is acting if she's going to end up a villain. I just don't want her back with Gordon if she's going to continue to act that way or the way she was acting earlier in the season.

    I think Fish has a huge ego and likes to think of herself as being really important even when she's not. At the point where she took out her eye, she might have realized that she wasn't going to get her way, and may not have really cared if she lived or died, she just didn't want him to get her eyes because he wanted them. He seemed really upset when she scooped out her eye and then stepped on it. Either that, or she actually thought her behavior would somehow earn his respect.

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    I guess you could say she fished her eye out
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