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    Default Really enjoying this show.

    When I first started this show it was good but somewhat bland, but they really know how to write episodes, so far season 1 just got better and better, and the same with season 2, it would have an alright episode and then they just get better and better

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    Default Re: Really enjoying this show.

    Its brilliant isn't it
    ~~~I like to see both sides of things~~~

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    Default Re: Really enjoying this show.

    I've just gotten up to date. I'm hooked can't wait for season 5

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    Default Re: Really enjoying this show.

    < new here. apologize for the 'distraction' >>

    is there any discussion around here about the Second Dawn cult?

    about its membership and that in all likelihood, they are the ancestors of the various grounder clans?

    specifically, how and why some chose to support Becca Pramheda as the first commander and why some obviously chose to kill her?

    that division maybe then originating the conflict between clans?


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