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    Default About a Boy (1012)

    Episode synopsis:

    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy TV
    From the CW: "Looking to get Dean out of the bunker, Sam finds a case for him and Dean to investigate - people are disappearing into thin air with only their clothes left behind. Sam and Dean suspect fairies or angels, but the truth turns out to be much more shocking - Hansel (guest star Mark Acheson), from Hansel and Gretel lore, is kidnapping people and turning them into their younger selves to placate the evil witch (guest star Lesley Nicol). Unfortunately, Dean finds this information out the hard way after he becomes Hansel‘s next victim and reverts to his 14 year old self."

    Original Air Date: 02/03/2015
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    Default Re: About a Boy (1012)

    This was a nothing episode for me but I liked it. The kid did a good job playing Dean. I believe he played Dean before. The episode reminded me of Once Upon a Time. I wish they were able to do a crossover with that shoe.

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    Default Re: About a Boy (1012)

    I finally got the chance to catch up on some of my shows, and watched this episode a few days ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Of Hell View Post
    This was a nothing episode for me but I liked it. The kid did a good job playing Dean. I believe he played Dean before.
    The kid(Dylan Everett) also played dean in the episode where Dean went back to his old boy's home. He played a good young Dean then, but he did a good "old Dean in a young body" too. I bet it is very different to play something like that, because instead of playing a younger version of a character, you have to try and mimic everything another actor(Jensen Ackles) usually does, because the character isn't actually any different.

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    Default Re: About a Boy (1012)

    This episode kept reminding me of the Stargate episode 'Fragile Balance' on seeing the older self ending up in the teenage body. I enjoyed watching the young Dean as much as I did the young O'Neill, the actor got Dean's mannerisms down really well.

    The witch's accent was hilarious, going from a weird 'German' to weird 'Scottish' at times, I couldn't take her seriously as a vicious 'child' killer and cannibal! I couldn't decide if she was being played as comedy or seriously since it failed as both! Supernatural's monsters used to be so much more twisted and surprising, even the human ones in episodes such as 'The Benders'.

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