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    Default who closed the gate?

    In the desert, Curtis and palmer unlocked the other adress, after four seconds the gate just shout down by itself when they already in the other planet and the third guy with the psp/dhd was shot by green! ...who closed the gate then? There is no reason for the shout down.

    During the rewatch of the three series, i noticed often case like this, the gate just shout down a little properly for the story.
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    Default Re: who closed the gate?

    I can't understand at all what you're getting at, could you please use proper English to explain

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    Default Re: who closed the gate?

    Unless the guy who was shot shut it down

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    Default Re: who closed the gate?

    As soon as a trip is completed the gate shuts down, unless something is still in the event horizon. Has done so since the beginning of Stargate!

    In this case Curtis and Palmer had gone through, since there was no one else as far as the gate operation was concerned the transport was complete and after what I can only assume is a little 'clearance' time delay it shuts down. The gate wouldn't know of any delay of the third person. The time it took for Franklin to argue with Eli and then Greer shooting him was greater than the clearance time the gate seems to automatically give once everyone that had gone through just before him materialised on the other side before shutting down.

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    Default Re: who closed the gate?

    Maybe after what's his name got shot, eli quickly picked up the Kino remote and pressed the "Turn off" button.

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