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    Post Revenge of the Rogues (110)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON ONE
    Leonard Snart returns to Central City with a new partner, "Heat Wave," intending to set a trap for the Flash. But Barry chooses to focus instead on getting faster so he can keep up with the "Reverse Flash."

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    Default Re: Revenge of the Rogues (110)

    Nice surprise seeing the casting of "Heat Wave".

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    Default Re: Revenge of the Rogues (110)

    Purcell is a hit or miss actor for me, but even some of his misses i enjoyed. So i liked the casting of him as Heatwave.
    As for the episode itself, i liked how it went. With the shield that was developed, the 'reveal the flash does exist' and the captain of the cops actually thanking someone from Star labs.

    Though did you notice our fearless doctor almost made a booboo by trying to stand up when Barry was training?

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    Default Re: Revenge of the Rogues (110)

    Nice to see a Prison Break reunion in this one. Gotta say that Captain Cold has become one of my favourite villains. Wentworth Miller literally chews in the scenery and lives off of those cheesy lines he's given.

    The thing with Wells looking like he was about to go and save Barry during training was interesting. Either he's not afraid to show what he can do in the event that Barry gets into some real immediate danger OR he'd move so fast or alter time in such a way that no one would notice if he did help.

    The one thing I didn't like in this is the fact that the Cops seemed a bit inept at the end. If they were like the Starling cops they'd be geared up with a SWAT team and snipers and be ready regardless of whether the resident costume showed up or not. Instead Central City PD just formed a perimeter and did little else. I can only assume they had snipers ready to take down Heat Wave and Captain Cold who then opted to do nothing once the Flash showed up.

    Interesting that Captain Cold's sister may be coming up next. Certainly not the next villain I was expecting but she makes sense.
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    Default Re: Revenge of the Rogues (110)

    The basic story was taken from the comics. There is a comic cover that has cpt cold and heat wave hitting the Flash with their weapons just like in the show. I don't know the comic number though.

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