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    Post Power Outage (107)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON ONE
    An encounter with a metahuman with the power to siphon electricity leaves Barry drained of his speed, and Star Labs itself under siege. Meanwhile, William Tockman orchestrates a hostage crisis inside the Central City Police Department, with Joe and Iris among his captives.

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    Default Re: Power Outage (107)

    The Clock King and Blackout made for a good show. The Clock King was the better of two giving a great performance. I really liked Iris in this episode also. There wasn't anything I didn't like.

    Having Metal Man die was convenient. Blackout being evil was also convenient. I was hoping he would turn out to be a good guy. I think the death count is going to high. We need some people alive to come back for revenge.

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    Default Re: Power Outage (107)

    This was a really good episode, although I was thinking The Clock King would make off with Iris and head to Star City for the crossover tie in, but I guess not.

    So we learned a lot about Wells. He has an interactive computer (Gideon) that can track future events across changing timelines. He refers to Barry as his subject (sounds like what you'd call a lab rat) and he really doesn't love that Barry is helping people. Also, he is interested in how Blackout stile Barry's powers.

    Still hard to know if he is evil, or just a little cold and realizing that from his future perspective these people are already dead and he has to do his part to maintain this timeline he is so concerned about. I don't think Zoom would care about stealing Barry's powers as he already has almost the exact same set of powers.
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    Default Re: Power Outage (107)

    Finally caught the episode after having it crash on me several times last night.
    I liked blackout, but found how barry lost/regained his powers a little strange.
    I loved gideon (the computer) and Wells making his log entries.. I wonder though. Is that doorway keyed to him only, or could anyone enter it. Also IS he from the future, or is somehow gideon having the capacity to access some sort of 'precognitive' power?

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    Default Re: Power Outage (107)

    I too was very annoyed with Barry losing his powers. I really can't stand it when Superhero stories fall back on that plot. The rest of the episode was decent though. I love Robert Knepper (Clock King).

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, but here is a link to more speculation on who Wells is.

    Seems hard to believe, but also seems to fit.

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