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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON FIVE
    Rick and Daryl lead a dangerous mission to extract their people from the hospital, while Carl and Michonne hold down the church. Meanwhile, Maggie and the others must decide how to move forward.

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    Another good one. I never heard my husband laugh at this show as much as he did when Daryl grabbed that head to defend himself, I personally didn't think it was funny and had to turn away. I think Sasha was so stupid to turn her back on the other Bob, that's not a mistake any of them should be making at this point. Not sure what's up with the Reverend? Guilt taking over maybe? I have a bad feeling that either Daryl, Carol or Beth won't make it past next week. It's been too long since we've said goodbye to a "major" character and we're due for something bad....

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    Yeah, when Daryl's hands starting going over that dead, biting heart just about stopped and then when he found the eye sockets I had to look away, that just plain grossed me out though I thought it was a nice creative touch.

    They keep promoting about Norman having to cry for about an hour before doing a scene....kind of implies that someone close is going to die...though it could be just seeing Carol in a hospital bed, unresponsive, too! He knows her as a strong woman and it might just be too much for him, plus he was there when she got hit and couldn't do anything about it.

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    Unlike the last several episodes, this one skipped from group to group. I couldn't believe how quickly the episode went by. I blurted, "That's it? It's over?" It didn't feel as long as previous episodes.

    Oh Sasha, you should know better.

    The Reverend: someone is going to die because of him. It might be an accident, it might be intentional. But a price will be paid if he stays with the group.

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    I thought Sasha was going to go flying out that window. I wonder what teddy bear Ty is going to do when he finds out what evil Bob did. Give out hugs I'm betting.

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