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Thread: The Mask (108)

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    Post The Mask (108)

    Visit the Episode GuideGOTHAM - SEASON ONE
    Gordon and Bullock investigate what appears to be a deadly fight club, where job applicants are expected to fight for a position at a financial firm. Bruce begins school and must learn how to deal with a bully.

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    They did a horrible job with Black Mask. The entire fight club storyline was bad. Bruce story was pretty good though. I liked seeing him beat the kid up with his father's watch. The Penguin and Fish storylines were also good.

    There was no point to have Kitten Girl in this episode. They should save her for when she will actual do something. Barbra was so annoying. She knows Gordon is busy and was just shot days ago so she leaves him because he doesn't have time for her. WTF. The more I think about her the more I hate her character. I hope she doesn't come back but I know she will.

    The episode was just ok for me. A big let down after the previous episode.

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    Penguin\Fish storyline is still going great!

    This was maybe the first episode where I thought Bruce had a really awesome role, and Alfred was perfect!

    Barbara, meh, kinda just wish Gordon was single.
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    I liked this episode, but not as much as last week's.

    Love the Penguin/Fish/mob storyline; really like Bruce and Alfred and Gordon and Bullock. I think Barbara is really blah though, and I don't care what happens to her at this point.

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    I wish they had made Gordon single. Maybe down the line, if the show gets another season, a girlfriend would have been okay, but she is not necessary right now.

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