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    Default Season 3&4 in the UK?


    I absolutely loved OUAT, was disappointed when Channel 5 dropped it after season 2. Does anyone know when/if we'll get season 3 or 4 in the UK? Alternatively, is there likely to be a region 2 DVD release?

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    Default Re: Season 3&4 in the UK?

    In this interview with Sean Maguire (Robin) - he mentions that Channel 5 have picked up OUAT again - I hope this is true.

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    I'd read the (normal) dvd set would be released 20th October - but when I checked it said unavailable. There is now a region B / 2 bluray boxset at an extortionate price

    S3 blu ray on amazon

    Or if you have a multiregional dvd player you could buy the region 1 dvd boxset instead. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Season 3&4 in the UK?

    Nothing yet as far as I know,but keep an eye on these sites : - UK air-dates or here showstartuk : Twitter

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    Default Re: Season 3&4 in the UK?

    Thanks for replies! I'll keep an eye on those.

    From Walford to Storybrook, eh!

    For anyone that doesn't know/remember, Sean Maguire used to be in Eastenders (one of the big soaps here in the UK).

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