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    Default Huge Price Drop: 4 Whedon series, X-Men, Underworld, Star Wars...

    Blu-Ray discs unless otherwise noted:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series [DVD] ($59) | Amazon
    Angel: The Complete Series [DVD] ($50) | Amazon
    Firefly: The Complete Series ($14) | Amazon
    Serenity ($8) | Amazon
    Dollhouse: Season 1 ($15) | Amazon
    Dollhouse: Season 2 ($14) | Amazon
    Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) ($80) | Amazon
    X-Men and the Wolverine Collection ($30) | Amazon
    The Resident Evil Collection ($32) | Amazon
    Underworld: The Legacy Collection ($28) | Amazon
    Coraline - Collector's Edition ($8) | Amazon

    The Buffy & Angel prices are an Amazon "Deal of the Day" that ends in 10 hours or less.
    I don't know if these prices are matched on's international sister sites.

    Edit: I visited to compare these prices to amazon's own prices during the last year. Most of the sales represent only a ten dollar drop. I had thought the discounts were steeper. Even so, I don't think you'll find (most of) them elsewhere for a lower price.
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