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    Visit the Episode GuideGOTHAM - SEASON ONE
    Bullock and Gordon search for a man who robbed a convenience store with help from a new, super-powered drug. Bruce investigates the role of his family's company in the Arkham deal, and Fish continues to plot against Falcone.

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    Liked this episode. Really liked the Wayne plot the best overall. The venom plot was a little weak but when it wore off while the guy was holding the atm that made me cringe in a good way.

    I could have done without the penguin and fish scenes even though I like those characters. I think all we needed were the heist part and the weapon part at the end. The cat girl scene was also worthless.

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    I liked this episode too, and also really liked the Wayne plot best. The Viper/Venom effects looked really silly. The old guy on Venom made me lol.

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