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    Default Re: The Apprentice (404)

    Hooks phone comes to mind. I remember Elsa wanting to freeze it, {the look she threw at it in Rocky Road}

    This is the Assassin's Way part 17 complete

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    Default Re: The Apprentice (404)

    Old man turned into a mouse, a nod to Micky Mouse.
    Funny hat was a nod to the hat Micky Mouse wears in Fantasia.
    Magic Broom walking around a nod to Fantasia.
    Henry becoming Mr Gold's apprentice a nod to Fantasia.
    Probably missed some more stuff related to Fantasia.

    I thought they would go Evil Dead with the hand Hook got but they were tame about it.

    Emma cleans up good. Almost didn't recognize her in her date clothes.

    Loved Anna's scenes with Rush. Also loved how she tricked him with the help of Micky Mouse.

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    Default Re: The Apprentice (404)

    They are definitely playing up the link with Fantasia..

    I just wonder how much longer they are going to make us wait till we DO see the magician.

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