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    Post I Almost Prayed (213)

    Visit the Episode GuideDEFIANCE - SEASON TWO
    Nolan finds himself at odds with his friends and the Earth Republic when he plans to save Irisa's life and stop Kaziri the terraforming of the planet -- which has already started with New York City. Doc Yewll returns to Defiance, and Christie's mother tries to convince her and Alak to leave town with her.

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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    I for one like the fact evil manipulative little arsehole of a mayor got the girl. I like it when the bad guy has a victory.

    I'm sure having all that terraforming energy/gas/ purple beam of doom floating around in orbit won't turn out good.

    An I wonder what the effect of the ending of the iron rain threat will have.

    I'm sure the psycho computer ain't going to give up that easily either.

    Shame about the deputy sheriff biting the dust, he was the most likable person in the town of defiance and about the only who isn't psychotic.

    I like how the E-rep knew all along about the miners and Datak Tarr plan for launching a rebellion in defiance. It nice to have evil nazis that don't act like amateurs. I'm pretty sure Berlin isn't going to forget the E-rep troops were the ones that were going to execute her without a second thought.
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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    I hated this super quick introduction of the Mother and how easy it was for her to pull off what she did. With the heavy e-rep presence and the Tarr name I think it would have been a little more difficult plus the brother is going along with this why?

    Aside from that I really liked this episode. It concluded a 2 season story arc pretty well and "could" serve as an ok series finale if the show doesn't get renewed. Assuming it does get renewed I think this show could pick up anywhere from immediately following this episode to 5 years later since Nolan and Irisa are in stasis and everyone else (including the E-Rep and Votan Collective) are in a state of flux right now.
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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    @Knowles2-You mean the only one who Isn't psychotic, right? Yes I liked Tommy, too, by far the only "normal" one and
    I wish he hadn't died. I agree about the computer. I also if I were Berlin I certainly wouldn't forget how easily the e-reps were going to execute her and the prisoners, as well. I also wonder why the brother is going along with the mothers plan plus I wonder if she wasn't behind his stealing of the terrasphere's which Rafe took the blame for. Yes would like to see it get renewed would like to see the interaction between the Tarrs and the new grandchild

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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    He is going along to spite his father, classic post divorce teenager rebellion phase, just a few years late.

    I hadn't read any spoilers so was quiet surprised when Linda Hamilton turned up, obviously not a botox user either lol.

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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    I've rarely if ever seen a show make such a dramatic upturn in qualify from the first and second season. The only things I didn't really like about the two parter was Amanda finding out about Kenya's murder and then just forgetting about it. It has been built up for the entire season, it should have been perhaps the most dramatic moment of it and then they just breezed by the entire sublot disappointingly.

    I knew she wasn't going to kill Datak and Stahma, but honestly she should have. And it didn't really feel right the way it went down. I mean she threatened to main Stahma just for repeating the "lie" that the clone of Kenya was an imposter. And she's almost certainly never going to get justice now, she'll never get a better opportunity.

    The second thing was that I also thought that the final confortation between Irisa and the computer in the ship was extremely anticlimactic.
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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite-Possibilities View Post
    The second thing was that I also thought that the final confortation between Irisa and the computer in the ship was extremely anticlimactic.
    Sort of felt like that didn't it. It was because she only had one key in her then, the Kaziri had no control over her anymore (although maybe the ship collapsing was one last screw you).

    I REALLY hope we get another season, I want to see what happens to the Earth Republic, they just lost their largest city, most of their people, E-Rep HQ, government files, equipment and most likely all of their Indogene scientists. For those who play the game, I hope some people survived, like Azumi Yoshida or Raizar Zandijur. Also want some other politicians to have survived, maybe Senator Davannya Dhon, someone the opposite of Mercado to kind of balance it out.

    I wonder how relations with the VC would change as well, they were mostly unaffected (at least one of their relay outposts was destroyed) and with the E-Rep most likely putting a hold on the Mag-Lev, the VC should come racing up into North America. Echelon will probably become a bigger player now. They turned the Defiance world upside down, didn't they.

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    Default Re: I Almost Prayed (213)

    The E Rep were scum they deserve to all die..... Except for the ones Nolan fought with who lay down arms to save people, and all the others that made up the Defiant Few..........

    Other then that they should burn........

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