I thought a place to discuss Irisa and her continued growth as a character would be good. There are so many small things to note each week that kind of get lost in the episode threads.

**Use Spoilers tags for material that hasn't aired in the US**

Basic Information from the Wiki:

Irisa Nyira is a member of an alien species known as Irathients, and is essentially the deputy to lead character Joshua Nolan. She is played by actress Stephanie Leonidas. Smart, independent and feisty, Irisa still struggles with the weight of her unusual upbringing. A drifter since birth, she only stays in Defiance due to the loyalty she feels for Nolan.
Nolan rescued Irisa at a young age and has encouraged her to leave behind her traumatic past. The two have been inseparable ever since, and Nolan has said that Irisa is a war orphan that he found abandoned in what was once Denver. However, it has been hinted at that she and Nolan have something of a dark history that will be explored more deeply as the series develops.