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    Chevron SGA Legacy BC-304 weakened too much?

    In the tv show the bc-304 have become almost too powerful (just a few shots are enough to destroy a hive), however in the legacy series the asgard beam weapons, the primary weapons of the bc-304 according to the wiki, were not even used once. (in the first books they were not even mentioned)

    At one point the Hammond even faces an unpowered hive and does not do more than medium damage, due to not using the asgard beam weapons. Would it not have been better to let the Wraith use the newly developed shields in the series, but in turn keep the beam weapons?

    At a later point the missing asgard weapons were explained away by stating that they are only "short range", despite the fact that this short range up to this point seemed to be sufficient in every battle the bc-304 were involved in.

    p.s I expect too see the Indian ship in the next legacy book, but do you think that we will see the Austerlitz?

    p.p.s Since we know that the stargate reveal will not happen in a movie, will there be a book (in the foreseeable) future that deals with this issue?

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy BC-304 weakened too much?

    Is there any other mention of either the Austerlitz or an Indian vessel in canon do you know?

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy BC-304 weakened too much?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oglach View Post
    Is there any other mention of either the Austerlitz or an Indian vessel in canon do you know?
    There is no mention of them at all in canon.

    Bolded bit = TV-canon, to most people the only canon in existence.
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