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Thread: Endless (506)

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    Finally got around to watch this. Okay... I waited a bit because I didn't want it to end! I'm glad loose ends got tied up however I didn't like the execution of it. Now if it was spread over two episodes I think it would've worked better for me. Just seemed to much rushing as if they said "Oh yeah, we have to end this show!".

    Will miss WH13.
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    I guess as far as final episodes go it was pretty good. I did feel that with such a short season it was kind of rushed. I'm new to this show so I don't know what the reason was, if there was a reason, behind a quick last season. I'm sad it's over.....I tired to get into Eureka, but it didn't grab me as much. (And stupid Netflix seems to have dropped the first 3 seasons from streaming.....)

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    Coming from a rewatch, two things:

    Firstly in the opening credits of the last season (short version) where it sweeps through the warehouse and ends on Artie, Pete, Myka and Claudia overlooking the warehouse, is Claudia removing underwear from her ass? (Have I asked this before?)

    Secondly at the end of this ep, right before we go forward in time, the characters all disappear at different times, first Steve, then Artie and Claudia at the same time, then Myka and finally Pete. I think it kind of shows us what happened in the future - Steve had said that he was given nirvana and so maybe with his inner peace he felt that he could leave the warehouse (probably not right away, maybe years later). Then maybe Artie died and Claudia left to either take on her role as caretaker or begin some sort of training. Myka I think either left when she had children or maybe not until she was finally killed by the warehouse. And finally Pete who had said that the warehouse was what he felt was keeping him the person that he was.

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