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    Default fringe is it worth watching ?

    Hi folks

    I've had all 5 seasons of Fringe on my DVR for sometime and never got round to watching until today
    watched the first episode and found it watchable but did not set the world a light

    wondered if these that have watched it thought it was worth staying with ?



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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    Yes, it gets much better from the first episode

    for Further Fringe related subjects/questions go here
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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    I just finished a Fringe rewatch. I have to say I loved it even more this second time around.
    Each episode does build on the storyline so watching it closer together versus spread out over 5 years helped me to get alot more about what the story was all about.

    The show gets better as the seasons go on - at least imo it does.

    I'd say go for it!

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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    Great show, well worth watching.

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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    Continue watching it, it is cool

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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    Agree. I didn't think much of it at first, expecting it be another X-Files knock-off. But it got a LOT better. Way more science than XF.

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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    I still have the last season to watch. I remember it being pretty good at the time though. In terms of whether it's worth watching now, I'd say that depend on what else you have on your list.

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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    Fringe is definitely worth the time. One of the best shows of recent television IMO.

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    Default Re: fringe is it worth watching ?

    It is a good show not great.

    It is certainly worth watching and while it builds well it ends anticlimactically..

    Of course that various with opinions as the show really splits itself into a different line in season 5 somewhat away from it's alternative universe theme.

    I liked it but can't see me watching it twice. Once was good. Twice not so much IMO

    Some shows I just can't wait to see again (BSG, Firefly, FarScape) others once is all I want (Fringe, Sanctuary, 4400)


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