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    Default Babylon 5: The Gathering Original Cut available on Amazon Instant

    This may be old news, but just in case anyone is looking for the original pilot as it first aired I was informed through a B5Books newsletter that it is available to download through Amazon Instant Video for only $1.99. This is supposed to be the original cut, not the re-edited TNT version that is on the DVDs where some things were changed.

    Special Thanks to B5 Books for coming through again with this find. I have been trying to see this again for a long time. The TNT re-edit is fine, but it does change some things and I really wanted to be able to compare the two.

    And BTW, I tried to search it on Amazon and it didn't come up, so let me know if you can't get the link to work and I'll try to post it again.

    * EDIT * I can confirm that it is the Original Cut, not the TNT Redo. WOW! You can tell as soon as it starts.
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