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    Default 1313, 6 minutes of video

    A 6 minute video appeared online today of the infamously-cancelled title 1313 (which just about everybody seemed to be looking forward to).

    Enjoy! But try not to get to depressed over what might have been....

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    Default Re: 1313, 6 minutes of video

    Shame, looks pretty good...

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    Default Re: 1313, 6 minutes of video

    I personally wasn't that interested about 1313, but have to admit that I propably would have bought it anyway...

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    Default Re: 1313, 6 minutes of video

    Man, that looks slick.

    I regret not following the game now.
    Back from the grave.

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    Default Re: 1313, 6 minutes of video

    For a second, when he tried to do the takedown behind the box (near the start) I thought "reminds me of Splinter Cell" and then decided "Nope, definitely Uncharted" when he starts crawling the outside of the ship.

    Really disappointing they aren't making this game, but would have been more disappointed if the rumours about it being Boba Fett were true. I'd wanted Daniel Logan to voice the character (didn't sound like him) and for him to look less caucasian as Logan and Temuera Morrison are both of Maori descent.

    Hopefully this is being continued in the background somewhere at EA. A game about Boba Fett, sounds like it could print money especially if the rest of it was like that.

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