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    Default SG1 Cast...Where are they now?

    Being on Twitter I generally keep an eye on actors from my favorite shows, and of course,follow those from the show. Anderson,Judge,Tapping & Shanks.

    My question is though, are you surprised that after Stargate, that none of them have really been in anything else substantial?(as in long running series).

    I know that all of them are directors now, Tapping is doing something on Arctic Air? I'm also surprised that Judge hasn't had much since Stargate. It's good to see that all 4 of them though are still doing a lot of conventions.

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    Default Re: SG1 Cast...Where are they now?

    Michael Shanks has his own TV series that has been picked up for a 3rd year. "Saving Hope", I think is the name of the show.

    Amanda Tapping has done several made for TV movies, as well as directing numerous episodes on various TV series, including "Continuum", "Arctic Air", and one or two other shows. And she did have a run of four years on "Sanctuary", after SG1. She also made guest appearances on "Supernatural" and "Motive". I keep hoping she would be a guest on a couple other shows I like.

    RDA has done several guest appearances on a few TV series, but is otherwise retired and doing conventions.

    Chris Judge has made a few guest appearances on a few TV shows as well.

    Teryl Rothery (Janet Frasier) is a very busy lady. She's a regular on the TV series "Cedar Cove" (which has been renewed for a 2d season), and has appeared on numerous other shows, often as a recurring character. And she has appeared at numerous conventions.

    Two producers/directors on SG1 (Martin Wood and Damian Kindler) have also been involved in "Sanctuary", and are now involved in other series. Damian Kindler is an executive producer on "Sleepy Hollow", and Martin Wood is an executive producer on "Cedar Cove".
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    Default Re: SG1 Cast...Where are they now?

    Amanda Tapping was in Supernatural last season but i don't really see her character returning for s9

    Teryl Rothery has been an story ARC in ARROW
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