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    Default Red Menace (309)

    Visit the Episode GuideGRIMM - SEASON THREE
    Nick and Hank investigate a Wesen "healer" whose ability holds risks that far outweigh its rewards. Elsewhere, Captain Renard finally tracks down Adalind. (NBC)

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    Default Re: Red Menace (309)

    That was a good episode, though it did take a bit to get going. It was interesting to see Renard be with them for most of the crime scenes and I along with Hank was not surprised that Renard speaks Russian. I also liked that Juliette's friend storyline seems to be a set up for next episode. I had a feeling that she was going to be wesen, glad to see a familar fuexbow (which can't spell). And of course the shower scene and the following walk in those outfits was great.

    Overall great episode, and I can't wait for the next one.

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    Default Re: Red Menace (309)

    I liked it, too, but boy there were a lot of stories going on in the first ten minutes or so. I thought it was a little hard to follow. It had a regular MOTW story but also a bunch of set-up and continuing story stuff. Is that physical therapist lady going to be Hank's girlfriend later?

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    Default Re: Red Menace (309)

    A great episode and a good Grimm 'fix' after the holiday break.

    The opening scene was a great one, the woman jogging and then wondering what was coming up so fast behind her......a friendly Nick with a 'Good Morning'! I just love these great throw away moments Grimm comes up with. I'm loving how we are seeing all these little moments of Nick seemingly using his new abilities without thinking anything is different.

    Agree, there was a lot going on in this one. Oh boy does gruesome makeup get more and more realistic, that guy in the tub....gets up suddenly and falls on Hank!!

    The "who ya gonna call" scene was hilarious(one of my favourite movies of all time)! Grimm's humour is wonderful, works so well, as Stargate's did because the characters and storylines are so good.

    Can't wait to see that evil boyfriend of Juliet's battered friend being faced with a Grimm and getting the beating he deserves!!!

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    Default Re: Red Menace (309)

    Picspam and thoughts about the episode are now at my LJ

    Original eBook:Der Spuk im Rosenhaus
    Sig & Avi by Josi

    LJ, FanFic-Blog(the longest lasting German SG-fanfic series), Profile at, Profile at,Profile at deviantART (Sorry, fanfics mostly in German)
    I'm on Twitter and on Facebook Tumblr and AO3

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    Default Re: Red Menace (309)

    I enjoyed the episode and was glad Renard was back with the team. Unfortunately I really feel like they are phasing Munroe out. I think there is a strange separation happening where the wesen are being compartmentalized away from Nick. I can't help but think that maybe there are some money issues involved. Can anyone tell me another reason why Silas Weir Mitchell seems to be less and less of a key character?

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