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    Default Day of the Doctor - Trailers


    Following the "50th Anniversary of Doctor Who" video - that was not supposedly a direct trailer for "Day of the Doctor", but rather a celebration of the show itself... we have today seen 3 trailers with actual footage from the Anniversary story:


    First (Shorter) Trailer

    Second, longer trailer:

    Just 2 more weeks...

    as seen on YouTube - thecosmichobo
    "How Doomsday Should Have Ended!" • "Bigger on the Inside?" • "The Doctor Falls - With Hartnell!"
    "The War Games - In 10 Minutes" • "Announcement of Jon Pertwee's death" •
    and lots more!

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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor - Trailers

    Gallifrey! Daleks! Bad Wolf!

    *explodes from excitement*

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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor - Trailers

    Something 'Wicked' this way comes...!
    "What do you mean by 'Oopps'?"
    Team Starfist protects all. But having a fully loaded P-90 helps...
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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor - Trailers

    Heres BBCA's trailer.

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    Default Day of the Doctor Official trailer

    Stargate is life, Sam and Jack are happiness, Shippers are almighty!
    loves and loves right back.

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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor Official trailer

    Before, I was really hoping that the Meta-crisis 10th doctor and rose would be the ones showing up. But, from the trailers, I don't see the two of them together at all. Rose almost always seems to be with the Hurt doctor.

    Maybe she'll only be a manifestation of Bad Wolf.
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor - Trailers

    Here's the 50th trailer re-imagined by a 7 year old and his dad. Cute!

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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor - Trailers

    Thanks for the episode treats, but these are WAYYYYYYYYYYY toooooooooooo short for my Whovian tastes..!
    . . .

    Guess this 50th anniversary eppy story will also bring the lost Doctor years into full circle--filling in the gaps that no one has seen.. but only guessed about.

    not going to be watching the eppy in 3-D. Can't afford it..trying to save some money. Besides, it might spoil me too much, in that I'd want more 3-D --most of the time -- wave of future video/film, etc.

    So 2-D will have to settle down as being just as good.
    Some things might be better off not seen jumping off the screen --holograms or not.

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    Default Re: Day of the Doctor - Trailers

    Can the prequel be posted here? Didn't know if anyone would mind

    Ooops. Saw the other thread... never mind.
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