MIPCOM: Canada's Space Orders 'Killjoys' From 'Orphan Black' Producer (Exclusive)

The broadcaster anticipates a breakout hit from creator Michelle Lovretta and Temple Street Productions similar to the Tatiana Maslany starrer on BBC America.

CANNES -- Temple Street Productions and Canada's Space channel insist they have another Orphan Black on their hands.

Canada's Space channel has given indie producer Temple Street a 10-episode order for Killjoys, an interplanetary bounty-hunter drama created and written by Michelle Lovretta (Lost Girl), ahead of a 2014 debut.

The acquisition follows Temple Street producing the Tatiana Maslany starrer Orphan Black, a sci-fi clone thriller that came from left field to become a hit for BBC America stateside.

"Orphan Black is a tremendous success for us, so our hope would be that [Killjoys] will equal that success within Canada, the U.S. and internationally," Temple Street executive producer and co-president Dave Fortier told The Hollywood Reporter from Cannes while attending MIPCOM.

Killjoys is a character-driven drama like Orphan Black, but the new series is set in a distant galaxy where bounty hunters, or killjoys, are licensed to pursue a vast range of warrants.

Their mission proves impossible and near fatal for Dutch, a gorgeous and deadly killjoy at the top of her game, while her partner, John the Bastard, is a peacemaker who hates conflict.

Catherine MacLeod, senior vp specialty channels at Bell Media, said Killjoys will appeal just as much to genre fans as it will to other TV viewers attracted to complex character-driven dramas.

"It's not just an outer-space show that will appeal to all the genre geeks. There's a story there, a love triangle, and the dialogue is amazing," MacLeod said of the script written by Lovretta.
Finally a new space opera goes into production. It seems Space is becoming what Scifi use to be.

If it has good as Orphan Black I recon we are in for a treat. An even if it not, I am so desperate for a new space opera series I will probably watch it.

Hell I am so desperate for new space opera that I am watching Star Hunter, so even if it isn't very good I will probably watch it anyway.