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    To all: Recently, it was with trepidation that I've just read that STARTREK: ENTERPRISE is being cancelled. I'm very sure that Gene Roddenbury will be turning over in his grave and Majel Barrett-Roddenbury was saddened with the cancellation. If the SCIFI Channel had any testosterone producing glands between its corporate legs, it would pick E'RISE up for continuing presentation, and not just reruns! It was a travesty to play it at the same time as other 'grabber' and sometimes the mental midget shows. It had to hurt the ENTERPRISE cast and team that this year, it was potrayed off of the SCIFI Channel's Quartet of shows on Friday nights. UPN sucked by changing ENTERPRISE's performance days. I tend to believe that UPN doesn't want to have a cerebrally challenging show on like the prequel to the original STARTREK series...perish the thought that some TREKKIE-TREKKER would dare not to buy the sponsor's product if the Nielson Ratings aren't 110% above top dead center! Just like with FARSCAPE, some networks don't realize that they have a dynastic show piece on their consolidated hands. I'ld love to be SCIFI Channel's Chief Of Programing and kick it in its administrative asses. I realize that most probably the decision by UPN was due to the 'Bean Counters' and 'Legal Eagles' who have no business being in positions of authority to demand that the show be cancelled or not picked up elsewhere. Shows like FEAR FACTOR are mindless so called reality drivel. If it was a vehicle to jumpstart Shannon Dougherty's shabby acting career, well, I don't think so. True Science Fiction lovers from readers-viewers of Jules Verne to Michael Crichton (I know bad spelling) will miss the excellent ENTERPRISE sagas. Since I worked in the Techology Fact World for a while, I know that today's fiction is tomorrow's fact...and I know that I'm not in the minority! SCIFI, before you lose viewers, get your communal heads out of your anal orifics and pick up ENTERPRISE...NOW!!!

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    This was discussed elsewhere by emily reich. Attached is the form to send to scifi and upn from the LA times ad.
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