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Part of the appeal of the later seasons (despite liking the Ori and the Wraith less as enemies than the Goa'uld!) was that humanity was finally progressing! They got access to technology that allowed them to make their mark in the galaxy! Hell, if humanity had met the damned Tollan later, when they already had their own ships, then they might have been given Tollan-Technology (!) not to mention that many races would have been more receptive to talking to us!
I agree with the progressing thing, but in early seasons it went too slow, and in later seasons it went too fast. I don't think there was ever a point where i was really happy with it.

The starship thing is understandable somewhat, since it would rapidly undermine the premise of the show. Still, i liked the Prometheus precisely because it took so long, and because it represented such a huge step. The daedalus ones i liked, but in hindsight came too easily and too often. It shouldn't have been done without disclosing of the Program.

To me though.. yea, what makes Stargate Stargate is that it's us, regular day humans, fighting against aliens straight from myth. The campyness, the genre savvy, i liked that. I liked that among serious sci fi, there was a show that could one week do a dark serious episode and the next one do a fun adventure with a nod.