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    Default LOST 10th Anniversary

    Next year, on Sept, 23. Ten years ago, one of the best show have aired. In Honor for this show, I thought of doing a re-watch (along with BSG because it will be its 10th anniversary as well!) starting on that exact same day. Maybe I will find others who will join me because that would be very cool! Do you think they will come to Comic Con next year due to its anniversary or will it silently pass by?

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    Default Re: LOST 10th Anniversary

    Probably silently pass by for me maybe i'll watch the best episodes from both shows on the day or something, but i just re-watched both shows fairly recently
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    Default Re: LOST 10th Anniversary

    Well I've never seen BSG so don't really care about that.

    As for lost, I may do a rewatch but once I reach season 6, I'll only watch the on island stuff (and Richards ep of course) and skip all the stupid after life crap. I've done this before and it works well.

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