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    Post The Politics of Time (107)

    Visit the Episode GuideCONTINUUM - SEASON ONE
    Carlos is implicated after his friend, an investigative reporter, turns up dead on the eve of publishing a major exposé on corruption in the Union Election. Alec attempts to repair Kiera's suit, and Kiera discovers that an important item has gone missing.


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    Default Re: The Politics of Time (107)

    Not my favorite episode, but a great use of scifi tech.

    I'm probably biased due to being a Sanctuary fan. Alicia is played by the woman who played Abbey in Sanctuary. The characters came across nearly identical, so my dislike of Abbey didn't help here.

    Also, at least the Continuum writers support equal opportunity gratuitous skin. We got to see lots of Carlos.
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    Default Re: The Politics of Time (107)

    Someone make a pass to Kiera (although many boys have this thought or want to be that men) and great tech use in this ep...

    P.S: Is her boobs are firm?????(Great boobs by the way!!)
    P.P.S: Please ignore P.S if you not interested!!
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