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Thread: Time's Up (106)

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    Visit the Episode GuideCONTINUUM - SEASON ONE
    To win the hearts of the public Liber8 orchestrate the abduction of the CEO of a major international corporation, using a group of small-time anarchists as cover. Meanwhile, Alec discovers that his step-brother Julian was involved in the riot.


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    Very timely episode ripped from current headlines. Great allegory at play.
    "Trust me. I'm a psychopath." Jekyll

    "And I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse" Ianto-Torchwood

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    This ep is the best episode in S1.
    Kellog stole Kiera's Orange slice.
    L8 is become more intelligence then brute strength.
    The final part, where Kiera withe CEO is so well execute, you really don't know the bomb whether are real or not.

    Hearts and minds, far more effective then bombs and guns.
    One men terrorist is another men freedom fighter.
    Both sentence are so true!!

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    I kind of figured it would only be a matter of time before Alec's step brother or father would get involved with Liber8.

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