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    Post A Stitch In Time (101)

    Visit the Episode GuideCONTINUUM - SEASON ONE
    When a group of convicted terrorists hatch a plot to escape execution and travel more than 60 years into the past, CPS Protector Kiera Cameron is pulled back with them. Stranded in 2012, Kiera must put together the pieces of a new life while looking for a way home.


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    Continuum had one of the better pilots. It warrants rewatching and fits in perfectly with the subsequent seasons. It is carefully orchestrated, and it was when I realized I would have to follow this show.
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    I've just started watching this show, and am loving it! Sad to know it ends in "just" 4 seasons, but that's not a bad innings really.

    Indeed - right from the get-go, the setup in the pilot was perfectly pieced together. Knew I had to watch more, and regretted taking about 4 months to start watching it after I only first learned about it via Netflix in around Sept17.
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