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    Default Re: What was the saddest moment in SG-1 for you?

    ^oh yes I forgot to mention the death of the Asgards, that was really sad too, I also cried when they committed mass suicide and blew up their planet, it was so unnecessary! I hate Cooper for killing the Asgards, actually I hate many of the decisions Cooper made after he took over the show.

    At least the Asgards were not completely wiped out, a small group of Asgards survived in Atlantis, but I miss Thor and all the other Asgards we've come to love in SG-1.

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    Default Re: What was the saddest moment in SG-1 for you?

    Janets death.

    For me it was a hard one to take because we SAW it happen. She was out there, in the field, saving lives and then just a flash of white and she was gone. I was so shocked by it because it was so sudden and i cried SO much, i still cry SO much when i see it.

    Also, and i know it ended up happy...but when sam had to leave cassie behind because of the "bomb". That whole scene in the elevator where sam is kicking the crap out of the walls and just so angry and sad was absolutely heartbreaking.

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    Default Re: What was the saddest moment in SG-1 for you?

    I agree with everyone. Also when they drop Cassie off and Carter tells the rest that "she's awake" and their reaction. Also a weird emotional moment for me was when Apohis is at the SGC dying and he says "I am afraid" that really struck me for some reason because it was so human and real.

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    Default Re: What was the saddest moment in SG-1 for you?

    The saddest moment for me was one of the obvious ones, which has understanably been mentioned a lot in this thread. One other moment that is less obvious, that I find quite emotional and I don't think has been mentioned here (apologies if I have missed it) is in Cold Lazarus when Jack is remembering the death of Charlie.

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