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    Default Would you want a prequel?

    I've been wondering if it would be good to have a prequel season, or maybe something along the lines of Sparticus Gods of the Arena, like a one off season or something would you enjoy this?

    I personally think it would be fun to watch the series of events that made Robert Beratheon king unfold, might need more than one season tho or a full season or something like that, they could do this like at the end of the year around the time the new season starts, then air season 4/5 whatever season is on next abit later than they usually do

    This has been on my mind for quite some time
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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    NO! I hate prequels because you know how things turn out.

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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    Once they've finished telling the (current) story I think a prequel would be an excellent idea, as I can't imagine having had enough of the characters, world and history. Plus, it would be a great opportunity to bring back all the characters people loved (to hate) that have now been killed. The only problem with that idea is that it will probably (and hopefully) be a few more years until the show is over and by then the actors and actresses will all have aged (more) and thus it would be difficult to sell them playing their younger selves...
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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    A miniseries of Robert's Rebellion would be epic if they could do it with all the major battles...

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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    If they film any prequel I'd like it to be the Dunk and Egg novellas. But that's set about ninety years to a century before the books, so its not really a direct prequel.

    As to the Robert's rebellion. Depends who writes it I guess whether its straight from GRRM

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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    I like the idea of a mini series or some such about Roberts rebellion. Only problem I see is that some of the events of the rebellion might very well spoiler future seasons of GoT because some of it has - purposefully I think - not yet been fully explained in the books.

    Like why did Rhaegar what he did ? Who are Jon's parents ? What really happened to Rhaegar's children ? And so on.

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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    I am not for or against prequels. Star Wars started with episodes 4, 5 & 6 and then went back to the beginning. X-men did 3 films, then brought out Wolverine to show his beginnings, and First Class to show the beginning of X-men. (Although First Class does not fit in with the trilogy IMO)
    I have not read the books, and try to avoid the spoilers, so could I ask, how far back would this prequel go?
    I see there was peace started when the Valeryans united the kingdoms under one king (them), so would you start from there?
    Or would you go back to before they unified the country and go through all the battles ?

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    Default Re: Would you want a prequel?

    Spartacus did an excellent prequel because that it didn't really step on any toes and even though the people on the first season were going to survive, that didn't mean all of the prequel characters were going to die or live.

    Game of Thrones I think would work as let's say four part mini series if they showed towards the end of Robert's Rebellion. Off of the top of my head the only spoiler during that time would be who is Jon Snow's Mom.

    HBO should seriously do a four part mini series. Maybe air it between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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