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    Quote Originally Posted by Coco Pops View Post
    It looks like Megatron

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    OK this was a rather interesting little experiment I tried. I was in a Volge incursion at Tower Quarry and came out of the area onto the road. At the first corner there was a Volge roadblock event so I drove past and no problem but further up the road there was another Volge event on the road so I stopped a little off to the side on the road so I could make a mad dash and took pot shots at them.

    Sure enough they did the run thing and came at me so hopped into my car and drove off and they were still in the mini map. Drove till they just vanished.

    I hoped out of the car and then using my sniper rifle I could just see the trucks on the road but not the volge so took another couple of pot shots from that distance and then waited and sure enough they slowly crept into the view of the minimap at it's furthest border... I waited and they kept getting closer. When they were close enough I bolted again.

    This time I drove a fair distance away and then waited, doubled back until I could just make out the trucks again in my scope but this time I didn't have to do any shooting. As I drove closer to that the flapping Volge started to appear as if they were waiting near that point were they were at the edge of my minimap.

    I find this rather interesting and would love to know what the AI is programmed to do......

    The Volge seem to be the only ones that do this kind of behaviour from a distance.

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