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    Post Collateral Damage (302)

    Visit the Episode GuideFALLING SKIES SEASON THREE
    Tom seeks help from the city's reclusive power specialist for a risky mission to infiltrate and disable a nuclear power plant being used by the enemy. Hal suspects that his encounters with Karen may be more than mere dreams, and Anne realizes that her newborn daughter may not be normal.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (302)

    I loved this ep.. BUT i would like to know more on the 'nuclear physist'. Is he agrophobic? or has he some other issue?

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    Tom's chief of staff said that the physicist is agoraphobic, but it's pretty obvious he's reacting to losses he suffered after the invasion. (My guess is that his children died, since the chief of staff persuaded him with the "children" argument after he complained that "nothing good ever happens topside.")

    The chief of staff would be my suspect for mole except for the fact that the mole is dressing up in conspicuous "bad guy" clothes. If she was the mole, she'd be safer in normal clothes since she's already authorized to be there.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (302)


    1. Taking the physicist at face value for now.

    2. The mole is another matter entirely though. Mole scans plans but the bad guys(Isceni?) get caught off guard...but how could anyone be certain that the mole would find the plans? Wouldn't it be better to make sure the plans were securely guarded?

    Could there be genuine and fake moles around?

    3. Oh dear...Karen's plans are coming apart already...

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    So the mole thing is kind of silly. One person has been meeting the enemy and could be the leak. If anyone else is the mole there could be hundreds of moles. There is no reason in place that it is only one mole.

    Smart baby is odd. Every scifi show needs a odd baby I guess.

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    Default Re: Collateral Damage (302)

    So I watched this episode right after watching the first episode. I really don't like the baby stuff. I really don't like that Pope is inevitably going to pull something. Other than that I think this episode was another winner. I am glad they finally started facing the fact that they will have to fight mutated harness kids. And I don't like the fact that Matt called Anne Mom. It just seems way forced and not right in my opinion.

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