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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    The trance thing was a bit odd, but I did like getting an explanation re Clara.

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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    Quote Originally Posted by Edi View Post
    Emm, hmm, err..
    I havent seen the pre-time-war episodes (yet! ), but I live around this forum and other sources and have red about them - if Hurt is Valeyard (or if he is not, but someone else will be in the future of the Doctor), how could Valeyard possibly get to pre-time-war Galifrey (The trial happened on Galifrey, didnt it? It defiantly happened with the time lords (?)), if the whole thing is in a time lock and the Time Loards essentially do not exist?
    assuming the timelock also prevents someone interfering in timelord history before the war there is only one way around it. the valeyard is (in some way) the doctor, it has been noted someone can travel back on their timestream if they were in the war like dalek caan. e.g. nothing can get in or out except something that was already there, the valeyard could therefore travel back on the doctor's own timeline to the war or before. (time war fanfics!) only problem with his plan is that if the valeyard succeeded in his plan, then all off history affected by the doctor after that point would be rewritten.

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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    I really really loved this episode. it showed what happens when the doctor dies and shows how Clara can be in all those places at once living and dying. I also loved her seeing all sides to the doctor. we'll all regenarations of the doctor including one he wants to forget it was well written and well acted.

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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    Still kind of confused about Clara. I got the impression that she was reincarnated since the 1st doctor but I am not sure because of the timeline. I think if she was reincarnated, she did not remember the first time around that until she was scattered through the Doctor's timestream.

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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    Great episode, and a very interesting back story to how Clara kept popping up.
    Sad about the cliffhanger at the end as we would have to wait 'till November.
    Still a great episode overall, and goes to show how much people will sacrifice to keep the Doctor's name a secret.

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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    "five foot one and crying... you never stood a chance". Great line

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    Default Re: The Name of the Doctor (3314/714)

    Great episode. I was actually looking forward to Clara becoming this character that would come and go throughout the Doctor's time stream and just randomly pop up in an episode and tell the Doctor what to do.

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