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    Visit the Episode GuideARROW - SEASON ONE
    Oliver asks Laurel to defend him when he is arrested by Detective Lance, who is convinced he is the hooded vigilante. Meanwhile, he recalls when he first fell into the hands of a military force on the island.


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    I'm assuming we can post in here right...

    So I've never seen Arrow before, but I'm kinda tempted to watch this episode, mainly for Eric Breker, even if he ends up not being in it that much. Anyway, I was wondering, would I be massively confused if I just jumped in and watched this episode. To be honest, at the moment I've already got a lot of shows on my list that I need to catch up on, so that's why I'm not watching from the beginning, but I'd like to watch this episode for Eric.

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    There's a "previously" thing at the beginning of the ep that sums up what's happened, so I don't think you should be too lost, but it might spoil earlier episodes for you.

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