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    Default Brody's distiller setup

    I'm a hobby distiller, so I thought it was a hoot to see Brody putting together a still - can't keep a good scientist down!

    It's an interesting design and I was wondering if there's any producer commentary on it's construction?

    There are limited still shot for me to examine the design, but it looks like he's using a lot of loose copper coil to dissipate heat and condense the alcohol. I figure running water is limited and he's made use of the ship's ambiant cold air to great effect.

    Anyone know if it was just a resin prop? Or was it a functioning still? Was it auctioned off when the series went belly up?

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    Default Re: Brody's distiller setup

    Awww Man! I just found out the SGU still prop was sold at a Las Vegas auction on Aug 2, 2015!

    Just one bidder for $25 !!!!

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