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    Default Stargate on Amazon Prime - updated quality

    As I'm sure most you know, Amazon Prime has all Stargate shows/movies except for the original movie and the refinished "Children of the Gods" available for free with Prime membership. Prime is well worth it, I dropped cable thanks to my Ruko and Amazon.

    Starting last spring I watched all episodes of SG-1 and SGA on Amazon completing them in late December. Last weekend, after finding this site, I had an urge to start back at the beginning. Watching Children of the Gods (episode 1 not re-mastered version) I noticed it was different then 9 months ago.

    I'm assuming Amazon has now updated to the DVD HD quality. Colours were brighter, the wormhole shuts down then re-opens in the opening scene, when the goa'uld checks out the Air Force woman it looks like in later seasons with the wings and stuff not just a little worm with teeth. I noticed some other small things too.

    Anyway, FYI.

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    Default Re: Stargate on Amazon Prime - updated quality

    I finally signed up for it too - I was waiting for Netflix to get it back but that never happened and meanwhile they dropped Farscape, and that was the tipping point.

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    Default Re: Stargate on Amazon Prime - updated quality

    I was going to just screw over Amazon and keep getting the free versions of Amazon Prime (year long, 6 month, 3 month, and 1 month trials), but I soon realized that a handful of minutes were cut from the SGA season opener ("Rising"). If they can cut a few minutes from the very first two episodes then they can do the same for the other 98. I just bought the DVDs instead...

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