I thought a couple of weeks now we also need some threads for the actresses. Especially Bitsie's Juliette, who now have a loooong storyarc (I only wish it would lead to something *better* for her than to leave Nick ...).

So, I have to say, don't know why but I really like her and the way she's acting, and also how active she is on Twitter and the pics she's posting there. Tell me, I used a couple of them for making art *whistles innocently*. And I think if TPTB would have any idea with her, Juliette would be a really awesome and strong female character - just like I see Rosalee too (and now no one is wondering why I'm slashing these both, huh?).

But ... just stumbled over this tweet:

Hey guys out of surgery. still pretty out of it but thank you all for the prayers and crossed fingers
She had an eye-surgery? What happened? Anyone?