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    Post The Human Kind (508)

    Visit the Episode GuideFRINGE - SEASON FIVE
    Olivia goes in search of a piece of equipment in a remote area, where she meets a woman with a remarkable gift. Peter's crusade against Windmark draws the enemy's attention, and Walter and Astrid try to discern what is happening to his brain.

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    Default Re: The Human Kind (508)

    Matrix-esque fight was quite good I thought

    This episode wasn't what I expected it to be, but I still liked it and I thought it was nice that Olivia sort of figured out how to live with the loss of her daughter and then had to convince Peter; the kind of thing that would usually be the other way around

    I did like that Peter just cut that thing out of himself (even though that seemed a bit too easy, I think the point was that the changes weren't permanent yet though) since it showed that the pain was worth it if you held onto what mattered

    I was hoping he would kill Windmark in a hilarious slapstick fashion though...

    in 5 minutes he will walk up those steps...and slip over!

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    Default Re: The Human Kind (508)

    Really good episode. The wife and I really enjoyed it. We were both really glad that Olivia was able to reach Peter in time before his transformation was permanent.

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    Default Re: The Human Kind (508)

    Well... RIP Observer Peter, you were fun while you lasted.

    I did like Peter with some sort of rivalry about who's paths leads to who and how he's basically doing it with revenge. It just had sort of a melacholny to it but at the same time, a sense of intrigue since these people were duking it out with each other; who knows how it was going to play out in each timeline and Peter definitely knows how to use them observer powers.

    The Olivia plot was weaker in that it dealt with trust and the sort of argument just felt boring to me as they got the truck; it was only when she got kidnapped that things got sort of interesting but she's basically not doing much in providing compelling entertainment; in fact I may be compelled to say that she's the thing that brings the episode down.

    Until she reunited with Peter and emotionally convinced him that the pain of her daughter is worth holding on to; that was both cute and sweet and it's clever in that the positions are reversed. It would of been devastating to have Peter lost to the device but at the same time, it just shows that there are better things than revenge, things such as being with the one you love and everything Peter has done is definitely for her.
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