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    Quote Originally Posted by tomstone View Post
    Completly agree. Maybe the writers will go a step further, the Team always deactivated the Artifacts, now is a good chance to find out what the last Warehouse Agents did to convert the Sickness into a Flower and do it again.
    That is an interesting possiblity. I hope they do something like that.
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    Default Re: We All Fall Down (410)

    Called it. Revolution will start in March, with WH13 starting in April in the same timeslots.
    Good luck WH13. Doesn't even make sense, since neither premiere or finale will show during a sweeps week. Same with the next season.

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    A primetime show competing with a cable show is not even relevent to when W13 returns. I do not seem the lack of sense. Cable shows don't operate in sweep weeks and have a completely different business model than primetime TV. Unless you want all SyFy's programs to air in the summer its unavoidable to compete with primetime TV And you sweep dates are off by about a week.
    Quote Originally Posted by aretood2 View Post
    Jelgate is right

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