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    Default Torchwood - 'Captain Jack Harkness' Episode

    No matter how many times I watch this episode, I cannot work it out.

    Why on earth did Billis have a piece of the Rift Manipulator, and how on earth did the Torchwood team realise he'd got it.

    There was no actual connection established. It was just all of a sudden KNOWN that he'd have it...

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    Default Re: Torchwood - 'Captain Jack Harkness' Episode

    I've just rewatcht this ep yesterday.
    As for teh question, how he got this peace of the riftmanipulator, I have now Idea. That realy is a week point, in otherwise such an brilant eppisode. But they didn't realise he got it, did they? As fare as I can see Owen, noticed, there was something missing and than he tried to help Gwen find the coordination-nots Tosh had left behind (because they knew, if Jack and Tosch had some information the team needed to bring them back, they would have left it somwhere for the others to find in 2008 (2009?) whatever). And while surching for the coordinats he found the missing piece. Working out, that Billis had somthing to do with the whole story was quite simple: Gwen saw him, while she was looking for Jack and Tosch and Ianto and Owen found his photograph an the internet or in whichever databank they found the information. So tehy noticed, it was the same guy in tow differnt times. Did I get anything worng here?
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