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    Default Chevron 9

    One thing that I have come to notice looking at pictures of Atlantis'
    stargates in space (Us poor sods in Australia are not even up to season
    8 in sg-1 let alone Atlantis...) and of the new computer game, is that
    there are actally 9 locking mechanisms on a gate. So far we have only
    seen what the extent of 8 locked chevrons can do, so what about 9?!
    Maybe the ninth season of SG-1 will shed some light on this if there is
    any weight to this idea at all...

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    Default Re: Chevron 9

    Hello mokurai and welcome to the forum!

    Qasimjavid has already posted an extensive list of all the threads that cover the 9th chevron. Please head on over there to continue the discussion and ask your questions. We try not to have to many threads on the same subject as that would make the forum difficult to navigate.

    GateWorld Moderator

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