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    Default Re: Season 3 renewal

    Fantastic news about the renewal. An we still got four more episodes of Season 2 to go.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Midnight View Post
    Burn Notice started out with 12 episode and is now at 18 and in it's 6th season. So lets hope Falling Skies has a good strong following and maybe they will give us more. I don't know anything about the ins and outs of contracts, but if TPTB wanted to extend this season, I would think they could do so without contract issues, since doing flashbacks about the Skitter and the OL's would not require the used of the general cast.
    The heavy effects works means that their is a much longer lead time needed to make new episodes, than something like Burn Notice which have minimal or zero effects. It might also mean that TNT are reluctant to order more episodes, budget but then they did give the crew a bigger budget this year for more CGI work and explosions.
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