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    Default Are there any dedicated episode-by-episode Reviews?

    There use to be reviews on the main site but I can't seem to locate them. Instead there are just scores for each episode. I would love to read through the SG:1 reviews episode by episode. Including overall season reviews if they exist.

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    Default Re: Are there any dedicated episode-by-episode Reviews?

    Uh, if you click here, you should see a header for each season. Clicking into those gives you a thread for each episode of each season, and each of those threads has a subthread for each episode. These contain reviews from GateWorld members.

    Also, click here and note the righthand column. There is a link for each season, and if you click one, you'll be taken to the page for that season. There you will find links to each episode, and if you scroll down each episode's page you'll find it has a summary and analysis for that episode, and in some cases, reviews.

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