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Best Episode (Atlantis Season Two)
  • The Siege, Part 3
  • Duet
  • Conversion
  • Critical Mass
  • The Long Goodbye

Best Sheppard Moment
  • Colonel Sheppard undergoes a disturbing physical transformation after being exposed to Beckett's anti-Wraith drug, nearly losing himself to Wraith DNA. ("Conversion")
  • Keeping a promise he made to the captain of the Aurora, John makes a toast to the fallen crew of Ancients. ("Aurora")
  • Sheppard uses a Wraith dart to escape a hive ship and gets it fighting with a second hive, leading to the destruction of both enemy vessels. ("The Hive")

Best McKay Moment
  • McKay's arrogance and over-confidence catch up with him as he fails to control an Ancient power-generation experiment and blows up a solar system. ("Trinity")
  • While trapped in a sinking Puddle Jumper beneath Lantea's great ocean, McKay creates an hallucination of an old friend -- a sexy Samantha Carter -- to help him survive. ("Grace Under Pressure")
  • McKay explains his brilliant plan to escape the eruption of a super-volcano and save both the Taranians and their Ancient warship. ("Inferno")

Best Teyla Moment
  • Teyla takes Ronon to task for abusing her trust and using her to kill his former Satedan commander, but agrees not to tell their teammates. ("Trinity")
  • After Charin, the woman Teyla considers to be her last living relative, dies, Teyla honors her memory by performing the Ring Ceremony over her body. ("Critical Mass")
  • Teyla shows compassion toward the transformed Wraith Michael, knowing that in truth he is one of her greatest enemies -- even when he begins to revert. ("Michael")

Best Ronon Moment
  • The team meets Ronon for the first time when the Runner captures Sheppard and Teyla, eventually telling them who and what he is. ("Runner")
  • Weakened by surgery to remove the Wraith's tracker, Ronon chases down and fights an enzyme-enhanced Lt. Ford. ("Runner")
  • After learning that his former commander, Kell, survived the Wraith attack, Ronon shoots the man dead as retribution for leaving his own people to die. ("Trinity")

Best Weir Moment
  • Weir risks her well-being to check on Colonel Sheppard during his transformation into a bug-like creature. ("Conversion")
  • Suspecting that Kavanagh may be a spy working for the Trust, Weir must decide whether to subject him to torture or risk the destruction of Atlantis. ("Critical Mass")
  • Taken over by a vengeful alien entity, Weir manipulates her people to get at another entity that has possessed Colonel Sheppard. ("The Long Goodbye")

Best Beckett Moment
  • Dr. Beckett goes off-world on a "house call" to remove Ronon's tracking device, not knowing if the alien warrior can be trusted. ("Runner")
  • Beckett receives a passionate kiss from Laura Cadman -- who is still in Rodney's body -- who has had a crush on him since her arrival in Atlantis. ("Duet")
  • Beckett introduces an experimental anti-Wraith retrovirus in the hopes of helping a Wraith girl who wishes to be human, only to have her steal it -- with tragic consequences. ("Instinct")

Best Team Moment
  • The Atlantis team members each do their part to execute a daring plan, hiding the city from the Wraith by faking its destruction. ("The Siege, Part 3")
  • The team is reunited with Sheppard while rescuing him from a time-dilation field, helping a group of Ancients defeat an invisible beast and ascend. ("Epiphany")
  • Atlantis joins Stargate Command and the Daedalus crew to uncover the identity of a Goa'uld who has planted a bomb in Atlantis. ("Critical Mass")

Best Alien Race (Season Two)
  • The Satedans ("Runner")
  • The Ancients ("Aurora")
  • The Wraith ("Allies")

Best Individual Villain
  • Phoebus-controlled Weir ("The Long Goodbye")
  • Michael ("Michael")
  • Wraith Queen ("Allies")

Coolest Ancient Technology
  • Arcturus reactor ("Trinity")
  • Ancient warship ("Aurora")
  • Stasis pod virtual reality ("Aurora")

Coolest Alien Technology
  • Wraith A.I. virus ("The Intruder")
  • Wraith culling beam ("Duet")
  • Ronon's Gun ("Duet")

Best Guest Star
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Laura Cadman ("Duet")
  • Mitch Pileggi as Steven Caldwell ("Critical Mass")
  • Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter ("Grace Under Pressure")
  • Ryan Robbins as Ladon Radim ("Coup D'etat")
  • Connor Trinneer as Michael ("Michael")