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    Default Beyond the Fringe - Digital Comic series

    On Free Comic Book Day, I saw a copy of the first issue for Beyond the Fringe. It came out in April 2012, but the series started digital back in September 2011.

    So I assume the other issues will be printed soon. There's already been at least 2 other issues. But I haven't yet looked up the DC website to see if the series is still ongoing.

    The comic is setup like this, odd numbered issues (1,3,5,7,etc) are the 'A' stories exploring the show's mythology. The even numbered issues (2,4,6,8, etc) are the 'B' stories exploring "what-if" possibilities.

    The first A story is titled "Peter and the Machine" written by Joshua Jackson himself. It will last the first 3 A chapters.

    I just read issue #2 which centers around the "what-if" scenario of Astrid being a spy.

    So far I am enjoying it, so I may actually get the digital comics since their cheaper, but then I will have to go online to DC's website every time I want to read them.

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    Default Re: Beyond the Fringe - Digital Comic series

    I collected the trade paperback version of this series, absolutely fantastic stuff, especially all the What Ifs
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